3 Facebook Advertising Tips You’ve Gotta Use

How to create a magnetic Facebook ad that pulls in your audience!If you’ve been paying attention to the online trends, you may be hearing about how Facebook’s number of users have passed up Google! So, shouldn’t you be speaking to a Facebook audience in your advertising?Here are three tips, that you’ve gotta use:1. Use an image, and preferably, use a personable image. Humans are drawn to our likeness. And as they say “Men are drawn to women. Women are drawn to other women. And women are also drawn to children.” It’s an age-old advertising rule. I didn’t make it up.2. In your advertising text, make a promise that you MUST deliver on when the prospect goes to your landing page. Congruency and Relevancy are king and queen. Don’t disrespect your prospect by sending them to a different offer. Wanna know how to make it super-relevant? Use the same image in your ad on your landing page. Use the same headline in your ad as on your landing page!3. Offer something valuable to your visitor. Facebook isn’t like Google Advertising, where people search for something they want to know or buy. People spend a lot of time here trolling around eachothers’ pages. So treat your visitors like guests, and don’t beat them over the head with a sales pitch. Offer a webinar, teleseminar, coupon, free sample…something they can really use right away, and LIKE you for it!These three tips briefly cover the bases you need to optimize your Facebook presence, particularly if you want to monetize it: a great image, compelling text, and a magnetic lead capture page that closes the sale. Because you could hang out and waste time on the world’s most robust social network or you could profit right off your Facebook business page.